Pilot Guide
XM-10 WarpShip
The XM-10 Warpship was originally commissioned as a deep space exploration vessel. The ship was designed with high intensity impact systems engineered to give the ship high survivability in extreme space environments far from a support base. Once the AVIAN attack began however, the Orbital Defense Force discovered that this ship was in fact perhaps humanity's best hope for survival. The impact systems proved highly effective as a kinetic kill tool against the AVIAN, and thus, has been used successfully in battle as a ramming vessel. This will be your primary weapon against the AVIAN menace.
XM-10 custom weapons
The HyperShoot powerup gives you a veritable avalanch of AVIAN mashing anti-matter bullets. They come in 2 varieties: tri-beam and quad beam. Naturally, the quad beam version pumps out fully 33% more bullets.
The XM-10 powerShield is a particularly powerful weapon. This is actually a localized EMP field that short-circuits any alien AVIANs that come into contact with it. AVIANs disabled by this explode on contact with other AVIANs, rendering this doubly powerful.
They slice, they dice, they are the PlasmaBeams of Death. They're actually directed plasma weapons that will indeed slice through any AVIAN they come into contact with. Difficult to build, you don't get these very often. That, and you only get them in the full version.
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