Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My play is studdering and slow!

A: We've noticed that some phones don't like to do high graphics, audio, and buzzing all at the same time. Via the Fleet Settings menu, try turning the hardware speed to "Low", and the sound and vibrate to "off". If this doesn't work, flick us an email to as we'd like to hear from folks who are having trouble.


Q: So how about that blog?

A: Yup, we're planning on a blog. At some point. Just as soon as we teach the blokes here to read and write.


Q: Are you planning on integrating with openFeint or some other fine online score keeping system?

A: Indeed we are! In fact, we have a whole bunch of secret plans for expanding the game. But they're.. uh, well... secret, so keep tuning in to find out more.


Q: Why aren't there more FAQ?

A: We're waiting for some fine and wonderful questions from you, our awesome users. Please feel free to ask away, and if the questions become somewhat, uh, frequent, they'll show up here.

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